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I Met A Boy!!

May 3, 1942

His name is Jurou. We have been getting to know each other very well during dinner. We sit together at the mess halls along with all our other friends and just talk. Usually, I would eat dinner with my parents, but since my father is working and my mother sits with the other women, I just sit with the other Nisei my age. Jurou asked me out on a date so we went to a film about a month ago and we have been dating since then. My mother and father want me to stop fooling around with Jurou since they have already chosen a man for me to marry. The problem is that I am in love with Jurou and my parents don’t understand that. I just don’t understand how all those magazines can talk about love and flirting and dating like it’s such a normal thing when my parents don’t even believe that love is real. All my friends here think I should stay with Jurou because they think it’s true love, and Sara thinks so, too. If my parents don’t accept Jurou then I will have to simply run away (whenever it is that we get out of this camp). I have a job here at the camp and it’s so cool that I am getting paid just as much as all the boys doing the same job. Finally some equality! Anyway, I plan to use that money for college when the government lets us leave this place. Oh no! Speaking of work, I’m late! I have to go. Bye!


Information taken from: “Japanese American Women During World War II” by Valerie Matsumoto


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