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we are freezing on this day of infamy

December 10, 1941

We are officially in a state of war. Three days ago, Japan attacked our Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii! Our whole entire Pacific Navy basically gone in a couple of hours. So many people died I don’t even want to think about it. Shiro had been stationed at Pearl Harbor and no one has been able to reach him. My entire family is worried to death and on top of that, since President Roosevelt declared war on Japan the day after the attack, Yuki is now being sent off to fight. I don’t know where he is going and I don’t know what will happen to him. I am so worried for him and for Shiro. I also heard today that Germany and Italy just declared war on us. So now even more soldiers are going to have to leave their families to fight. Why would Japan attack us like that? My best friend, Sara, says that it’s because of the oil embargo we put on them and because we gave money to China only a couple of days ago. Still, I don’t think that gives them the right to destroy our ships and murder 3,000 Americans. I’m kind of glad we declared war on Japan. I mean of course I don’t want Yuki to go fight, but the Japanese need to pay for what they did to all those people! Although, this Japan vs. the US war has quickly escalated into a second world war. Hopefully, we can get in and out quickly and not prolong this for some time. Definitely I think the government did right in declaring war on Japan, I think, because we will start being in a wartime economy, that it might help us get up from the Depression (which will DEFINITELY be a good thing)! For some reason, though, the day after the Pearl Harbor bombing, the government froze all of our assets. We don’t have any money currently, but I guess it makes sense since many of the Japanese Americans here in the US are more loyal to Japan than to the United States (not my family though, we really hate Japan for killing all those people, and possibly Shiro). Still, I think it’d be better if the government checked to see which of the Nisei and Issei are not loyal. I think it’s unfair to punish all of us, even the ones who have always been loyal to the US and who are willing to give their lives for their country (like Yuki and Shiro).


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