President Roosevelt signed an executive order temporarily suspending the rights of Japanese Americans to allow them to be relocated to Internment Camps. President Roosevelt signed an executive order temporarily suspending the rights of Japanese Americans to allow them to be relocated to Internment Camps.

President Roosevelt signed an executive order temporarily suspending the rights of Japanese Americans to allow them to be relocated to Internment Camps.


Executive Order What?!?!

February 22, 1942

Stupid FDR just signed a stupid order that forces all Japanese Americans to move to internment camps. What is an internment camp anyway? Sara (she’s Mexican American) says that it’s supposedly a really nice place just for all the Japanese Americans to hang out. After all the things that have been happening to us recently, I can’t bring myself to believe her. Evacuation is said to start sometime in the spring. I guess I should start mentally preparing myself to move. It’s not a particularly fun thing, but I guess it’s supposed to be a way for the government to keep track of all us Japanese since some of us might be helping Japan. Still, it’s unfair to punish everyone! (I think I said that already)

curfew?! I’m not twelve!!!

January 13, 1942

This has gotten out of hand! The government is giving all Japanese Americans a curfew. They are searching our houses at random times for “contraband” weapons. And we have to let them!! It’s not like we want to help Japan, they killed my brother! Shiro is dead because of those stupid Japanese and we are getting punished for it! It’s just not fair! Our government is really making stupid decisions right now and I understand it’s because they’re frightened, but still they should think about the consequences of their decisions on other people! I get that they want to prevent another attack, but this has gone way too far! I’m too angry to write now, I’ll be back when I cool down a little. Bye now.

we are freezing on this day of infamy

December 10, 1941

We are officially in a state of war. Three days ago, Japan attacked our Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii! Our whole entire Pacific Navy basically gone in a couple of hours. So many people died I don’t even want to think about it. Shiro had been stationed at Pearl Harbor and no one has been able to reach him. My entire family is worried to death and on top of that, since President Roosevelt declared war on Japan the day after the attack, Yuki is now being sent off to fight. I don’t know where he is going and I don’t know what will happen to him. I am so worried for him and for Shiro. I also heard today that Germany and Italy just declared war on us. So now even more soldiers are going to have to leave their families to fight. Why would Japan attack us like that? My best friend, Sara, says that it’s because of the oil embargo we put on them and because we gave money to China only a couple of days ago. Still, I don’t think that gives them the right to destroy our ships and murder 3,000 Americans. I’m kind of glad we declared war on Japan. I mean of course I don’t want Yuki to go fight, but the Japanese need to pay for what they did to all those people! Although, this Japan vs. the US war has quickly escalated into a second world war. Hopefully, we can get in and out quickly and not prolong this for some time. Definitely I think the government did right in declaring war on Japan, I think, because we will start being in a wartime economy, that it might help us get up from the Depression (which will DEFINITELY be a good thing)! For some reason, though, the day after the Pearl Harbor bombing, the government froze all of our assets. We don’t have any money currently, but I guess it makes sense since many of the Japanese Americans here in the US are more loyal to Japan than to the United States (not my family though, we really hate Japan for killing all those people, and possibly Shiro). Still, I think it’d be better if the government checked to see which of the Nisei and Issei are not loyal. I think it’s unfair to punish all of us, even the ones who have always been loyal to the US and who are willing to give their lives for their country (like Yuki and Shiro).

You Can Almost Feel the Tension

November 20, 1941

Hi there everybody! Sorry to keep you waiting. I have been oh so busy these days. I was going to tell you about the war in Europe. So around 1933, a man named Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany and started, slowly, to violate the Treaty of Versailles (which said Germany could only have an army of a certain size). Great Britain and France did not want to start a war (they were in the middle of the Depression) so they began a practice of appeasement (basically giving Hitler whatever he wanted to as not to start a war). The US did not want to get involved at all so they passed several Neutrality Acts to keep them out of war. The first one, in 1935, created a general embargo in which the US could not sell any weapons or war materials to any nation involved in a war. Two years later, the act was renewed and extended to include nations involved in civil wars. The same year, the policy of Cash-and-Carry was implemented. The US had begun to move away from the idea of isolationism to the policy of interventionism (for previously explained reasons). Cash-and-Carry allowed nations to buy items (not war materials) from the US if they paid in cash and took the items in their own ships. In 1939, the US ended the embargo and allowed passive aid to nations involved in war. Hitler had invaded Poland and Great Britain and France declared war on Germany as a result. The US wanted to help out the Allies (GB and France) because Germany was one of Japan’s allies. Since the US and Japan had really tough relations at the time, the US did not want to indirectly assist Japan by allowing its ally, Germany, to expand in Europe. Also, German U-Boats have been sinking a bunch of our ships recently, so most of us are just mad at them and want to help Britain take that stupid Hitler guy down. The US did right in implementing Cash-and-Carry because it keeps us out of the war while still being able to help out France and Great Britain in their attempt to stop Hitler and Germany once and for all. I think this policy really helped out the Allies since it gave them necessary supplies to be able to continue fighting against the Germans. Last year, France surrendered to Germany and Germany began heavily bombing cities in Britain. All of us here in the US were horrified and we became more open to increasing our involvement in the war. Congress passed a conscription law (the first peacetime draft in US history) and both my brothers were drafted into the army last year. Despite the increased support for the war, people did not approve of the draft, so earlier this year, President Roosevelt passed the Lend-Lease Act. This allows the US to lend Great Britain any war materials it needs to keep Germany at bay as long as they promise to pay us back. Most people definitely agreed with this because as long as Great Britain kept fighting, we would be able to stay out of the war. Lend-Lease, I think, is going to be really helpful in keeping us out of the war because it will keep Great Britain fighting so that we won’t have to. I think this act is a really good idea and I think it will have really good outcomes. The only problem is that the Germans, Japanese, and Italians might see it as us taking sides (which I guess we kind of are) and they might feel the need to attack us (though hopefully they won’t). That’s basically the story of what’s been going on around here. Be back soon! Bye everyone!